Were these signs of interest? Or am I looking too deeply into this?

So there's this girl at my school that's really pretty and seems somewhat shy around new people. We never really had any classes together, but the few interactions I had with her always seemed a little strange on her part.

1. The first time was during one of the earlier days of school. I was sitting in the hallway waiting for my class to start and she walked up and sat on the other side of the hall (facing me). She just suddenly said something like "So, did you do the assignment?" I didn't remember an assignment, so I checked my schedule and it turns out my class was much later. I got all bummed and embarrassed that I'd shown up so early and she just went along with it. I got up to go to use the time to get some work done, and as I was leaving she said jokingly (and awkwardly) "Sorry to ruin your day!" (since she was the one that broke the news to me that I was in the wrong place).

2. The second time I saw her was at a party. We we're standing in a circle of mutual friends talking about this kid on campus who creeps on all the girls. At one point I turned to her because I was mentioning how he had been creeping on her at one point, and she seemed to immediately jump into the conversation and start talking to me. We were only talking for, like, a minute tops before her group was leaving the party. She hugged some of her close friends goodbye, then turned to me and gave me this 'I'm sorry but I have to go' look, then she said "It was nice meeting you" and hugged me. I know that a lot of girls like to hug people all the time, but she really doesn't seem like the kind of girl who just goes around hugging people she doesn't really know.

3. The last time I saw her was at another party. It was sort of a end of school/live music/fundraiser/costume/me going away party. When she showed up I was sitting in the living room and I had a bunch of people crowded around me (because I had weed and all those vultures wanted some). Anyway, she walked in and was saying hi to people, and she turned to me and said something like "So I heard that this is your going away party or something?" I said back "Yeah, but technically it's only 1/5th my party." She laughed, then got distracted by another friend saying hi, so that was the end of that conversation until I bumped into her later. I was sitting in a chair (except I was rotated to the left a little so I could face the people I was talking to) and I felt my leg hit someone else's' to my right. I turned and it was her sitting right next to me listening to me talk. I actually hadn't even noticed she was there until I brushed her leg, but when I turned to look at her she was leaned in close to hear what I was saying, just smiling and laughing and looking at me. I ended up lightly brushing her one or two more times, she never pulled away.

I feel like I'm over-analyzing this. I'd really appreciate outside opinions so I can see if it's just wishful thinking on my part. She seems really nice and I'd love to take her out..
Were these signs of interest? Or am I looking too deeply into this?
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