Now that summer is over, what should I do?

I worked at a summer camp all summer, and there was this guy there that I really like. I'm going into my senior year of high school, and he's going to be a senior in college. we don't live near each other, but I was actually considering going to the same college he goes to now so we might be able to see each other if I go on a visit.

I think he likes me. He always smiles when he sees me and we make each other laugh. He would joke around about me being pretty and would always share his food or say yes whenever I asked him to do stuff for me and his and my friends would say that he only did that because he liked me or thougt I was pretty. and one weekend because I had to stay over and everyone else went home, he invited me to go to this lake with him and his family. it was really fun. and on the last day when everyone was saying goodbye, he gave me a hug and it seemed like he held on a little longer than a normal one.

do you think he likes me, and how should I start a conversation with him (we're friends on Facebook) or how should I get his number?
Now that summer is over, what should I do?
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