6 months and I think I still have feelings for her, why!

I dated this girl for 2 months and we're both 18. She dumped me 6 months ago apparently over an incident where I got drunk with my friends and started getting angry - first I had a bit of a sook and walked off, complained to her about how she never wanted to spend time with me to which she replied that it wasn't always about us and that I was making her look bad and then I started having a go at my friend later on in the night. I know I never wouldn't of done any of that had I not been drunk...

But yeah, she dumped and I begged, pleaded etc and got nowhere, again got drunk and ranted about her to my friends and she found out and was pretty angry and I eventually deleted her from Facebook because I didn't want to keep stalking her profile - which made her angry yet again.

Thing is I don't really think about her much anymore unless I see her. I see her at college sometimes and we just act as if one another was a ghost and walk straight past each other saying nothing, I guess I like it that was as I can't get hurt any further. But after seeing her my mind starts flooding with thoughts of how things could of been if I didn't get drunk that night, but then again I don't really want her back as she didn't care for me as much as I cared for her which was visable through her actions.

Why can't I get over her, I don't really want her back anymore I just want to forget about her and move on. I turned my life around, I eat healthy and workout and got back into sports, but I still get this sinking feeling when I see her, as I regret everything that happens and think about what could have been.

6 months and I think I still have feelings for her, why!
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