Should I give up on her?

hey need to know your opinion on whether or not I should stop crushing on this girl I know. well she more or less knows I like her but I've never told her directly. she still might have some doubt because her friends have asked me do I really like her.;

I like her a lot, we live bout 30 seconds away from each other nd we kinda hang out...

im really into her but I don't think she feels guy friends tell me she won't go for me(not for looks but Because of who I am)...i mean she's kissed guys on front of me and herself has not really showed any signs she thinks of me like that...BUT

all her friends want her to go out with me...

Her little sister posted on Facebook 'happy birthday brother in law'

1 of her friends asked me do I actually like her and when I said ye she was like that makes me so happy please just kiss her

so I dunno...what do you think of this situation? its hard to explain but I'm getting mixed signals...she hasn't led me on or anything but her friends kinda have so ye what you think

oh she's also gone out with guys that I hate(they beat me up a few times when I was younger) think I should this against her?


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  • First of all... you can't control how you FEEL about her... feelings are mostly unconsious and so there's no way you're going to just DECIDE to stop crushing on her... so give up that dream right now.

    Secondly, it doesn't matter if she's into you. If she's not now, you can be in the future. The only thing that matters at this moment is that YOU'RE into her. So let's go work with that...

    Third... her bad choice in men should tell you something about her. It's a "Red Flag" that should be warning you about how she makes decisions and the people she chooses to hang with.

    Fourth... getting the girl isn't about talking to her in order to find out if she likes you. It's about tension, attraction, and sometimes subtle seduction.

    Fifth... to get her you have to GET her. You have to go over to her and grab her by the hand and invite her into the adventure that is you.

    Basically stop hanging out with her. And start dating her. The best part is that you don't even have to tell her it's happening, you just do it.

    Take her on a date, but don't call it a date. Just call or text her and say, "Hey, I'm picking you up Wednesday at 6pm... so don't eat and wear those cute jeans you look so good in. I'm taking us somewhere fun to eat!" Then pick her up, take her out to eat, and have a fun conversation about life and dreams and share your naughty dreams. Make it fun, with a spice of flirting and sexual tension.

    During the date take every appropriate opportunity to touch her. Touch her hand to give her a fake palm reading. Touch her knee to squeeze it when she teases you about your ugly shoes. Smell her ear to see what her perfume smells like but give her neck goose bumps.

    Let her see that your touch feels nice and safe, not creepy or angry or desperate.

    Then take her home, give her a big hug good night, then do it all again in 5 days.

    Except you MUST kiss her by the end of the second date. You must at least TRY to kiss her. Its okay if she's not into it. Because after the date she'll go home and will be only thinking about you and the kiss you tried to get.

    If she's up for the third date, you're golden because she'll be expecting you to kiss her. She will already know you want to.

    I read a funny first kiss routine once... you say "Do you want to kiss me right now?"

    If she says "no" then you say, "I didn't say you could, it's just that you had a look in your eye."

    If she says "yes" then you lean over slowly and give her a kiss.

    If she says, "I don't know" then you say, "let's find out" and you lean over and kiss.

    Long story short... you have to ESCALATE your relationship and the easiest way is to start fake dating until you're really dating.

    Let us know how it goes!

    ~ Robby

    My Blog ( link )


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  • its hard to say really. her friends could just be teasing you because you like her, it doesn't necessarily mean she feels the same, the best you can do is tell her upfront that you have feelings for her and would like to be with her and if she says yes, good for you. if she's not interested then yeah I guess its time for you to let her go.

  • Maybe you should tell her to her face, and ask if she likes you.