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Wish he realized what he had, advice?

as soon as senior year started, I met this guy. I had known him for a while actually and well, I thought he was a player and someone nobody could be serius with. he liked me since 11th grade, I guess I was the first girl that caught his eye when he came to school. slowly, I began to fall for him. maybe it was the little things he would do. carry me to class, write me little notes and etc. I was so mean to him, because I still had feelings for the first guy in the beginning. id text him "do you like me or something" or I would never respond, but this guy never quit and one day everything blew up and we told each other out feelings. by this time the first guy had tried to come back, it was too late I was so head over heals for the new one. he was amazing, adventurous, positive about life. everything went fast. we were together after just 2 and a half months of talking. he was so romantic. I had a knock on my door on Christmas morning, with a neclace that said "today tomorrow and forever" he was my everything. I trusted him with my life, I gave him my soul I was just utterly in love with him. I knew how he was, but I felt different for him, and I was. I was the first serius girlfriend he had ever had. the first girl he truly said I love you to. we had plans, although we were only 18 I wanted to marry this guy. I didn't care what other people thought of him, he was perfect for me. we both wanted to own a bakery. it felt like it was meant to be. he would drive by to just give me a poem he had written. I would wake up to little cute things here and there. we had a special spot where we would just go and lie down and talk and just be together. but after 6 months, it get weird. high school was over, everything was beginning. he broke it off with me, telling me I deserved someone better and that he couldn't give me what I needed from a guy. we never got physical but I wanted him to be the one. its been 2 months later, he did so many little things after the break up I thought he regreted it. my heart told me it could not be over. but I talked to him yesterday, After posting a million qs about him, it has ended between us :( please read and help..similar situations???

and he told me I'm such a good girl that I deserve someone amazing, that he isn't good enough for me. (he has a bad past) he told me I would have realized it over time. he said that he still has feelings for me and he remembers the times we would just lay down together and never want to get up and he feels guilty for how he has hurt me, but that one day I will meet someone amazing and thank him for doing this. I don't think I will ever understand why he left me...i know I can be with someone like myself, but I love him for who he is. it doesn't matter to me if I'm too good for him. I don't know how I will move on, but I have to. if you love something set it free. maybe in the future ill be able to see him and not feel anything. or maybe in the future if its meant to be itll come back to both of us. it hurts me every single second. I think of him so much but I know I can move on. I just wish he realizes what we had.
Wish he realized what he had, advice?
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