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What do guys like to talk about?

There is a guy I work with who I definitely like and who in his drunken state has admitted to liking me for awhile but was afraid to make it obvious...long story short I told him I had just gotten out of a relationship & didn't want anything serious we made out & almost hooked up but I couldn't go through with it.

But its been a month since, and I want to show him I'm interested in him for real. I know guys like helping the girls they like so what would be a better thing to go up to him and ask him for his help.

1. He's the Haad of Marketing at our Firm and I thought about maybe asking if I could sit down with him and pick his brain because I'm starting up a new business and need to learn how to market myself on the web correctly and he's an ace at that.

(Problem with this is he does it all day, people are always coming to him for advice so I don't want to "bother" him or just be another clueless person to him plus I know a lot of men no matter how much they like their jobs sometimes its the last thing they want to talk about)

2. I know he is really into bikes (he road cross country on his bike last year) so instead of the marketing help I was thinking of asking him for advice on what bike to purchase cause its like picking out a car...too many choices. I think it could show that we have common interests & might be a fun conversation

What do guys like to talk about?
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