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GUYS: What does this guy want from me? What does he expect?

So there's this guys who hangs out with my group of friends and he's the cocky, arrogant "Man-whore" type but honestly he's mostly all talk Anyway he 's nice to like every girl and hits on them ALL and even though he's told me he thinks I'm attractive he always also tells me how cute he thinks my friends and other girls are. Even though he flirts with everyone he really likes this one girl in a girlfriend kind of way but she doesn't want a boy friend and he always brags about how they "don't have sex cause she doesn't want to" which I feel is because he wants to acts all sensitive like he's a real ladies man. Anyway I feel like he's always nice to other girls and tells them they're pretty in front of me but whenever he gets the chance he makes perverted jokes to me in front of the group of guys we hang out with and makes weird suggestions such as "take off your pants" or "you should wear leggings" or "get a see through Halloween costume" and the list goes on and on. I know we're not super good friends so I don't think its in a "friend way" and he also knows I hooked up with one of our friends like 3 times so maybe he wants the same thing? He's also sometimes a really big jerk to me. whether we're around people or not, he's sometimes really nice and sometimes a jerk or completely ignores me and doesn't respond to what I say (but there's not really a pattern based on who's around)

Soo guys what do you think this guy wants? I highly dount he's looking for relationship with me but does he hate me or liek want in my pants or what

PS he also does random things that insinuate that he wants it too like squeezing my leg and saying he thinks I could be a "nympho"
GUYS: What does this guy want from me? What does he expect?
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