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Very confusing girl?

Well there is this girl I liked quite a lot but yet she is very confusing (to me). At first she was very excited about me, calling me like every night basically. But after I had to go to college, this still continued (with skype calls). Maybe a month later she tells me she just wants to be friends until I come back home (winter break). And so I was very busy at the time with school I just said yes. Then about a week or two ago, she tells me she met this guy at a place, and I was just like okay (kind of upset about it). And so I just haven't talked to her since then, and the past week she has sent me a picture, poked me on Facebook, and just last night tried calling me at 2:30 in the morning (I wasn't up at the time), so this morning I am just confused on what she wants. I mean she knows I like her, and I have no idea what her feelings are.
Very confusing girl?
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