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I'm still in love with my shy ex boyfriend...HELP

I'm still in love with my ex boyfriend. We broke up 7months ago. At first he knows I still want to get back together because I ask him out but he said no. I don't think he knows I'm still crazy about him because I've been hiding my feelings for 5months. I'm afraid to get hurt/rejected again. I think he still likes me because when he sees me he's very happy. Other people notice that too. He is still nice and sweet to me. Usually I just ignore him but he would try to find something to talk to me. Friends told me he would stares at me and wants to get my attention. I am afraid to look at him because I don't want him to know how I feel. He is a shy and insecure guy. One reason he broke up with me is because he's afraid I would dump him first. He only have 1 ex girlfriend before and she cheated on him. I know he's scared of getting hurt again. But I am nothing like his ex. I want to get back with him so badly. I have a hard time moving on because I know he still cares. I don't think he will admit it. Any advise?
I'm still in love with my shy ex boyfriend...HELP
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