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I always want to run away?

Whenever life gets too tough, I want to run away, to somewhere with no drama, just a peaceful place away from all my problems. I was recently in a big car accident and it was my fault. I don't even want to own a car anymore and I certainly don't want to pay for these damages or high insurance rates. I don't want to work anymore.. my money goes down the drain... to bills, to gas, to technology that will break in a year... I want to live on an island away from it all, no pressures no bitchy people who want to judge my life, the way I dress the way I act, I hate it all. Unfortunately this peaceful place doesn't exist, because even if at that place there will be struggles, I don't know what to do.. life feels so overwhelming, and there is no way to escape, music, exercise, food, nothing helps. I guess this is how people who are suicidal feel. I can't stand living this way..
I always want to run away?
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