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Is there potential for a relationship?

I met someone a month ago - there was a mutual attraction and we spent the next few weeks slowly getting to know one another in a somewhat romantic capacity. It was made clear (by him) that he wasn't sure if he wanted a relationship, but did want to continue getting to know me.

He left for two weeks and just came back yesterday. I had spent the majority of that time wondering about his feelings for me and reading into every text...or lackthereof. Granted, he's not much for texting or talking on the phone, anyway. He communicates better in real-time. Anyway, last night I saw him briefly at his show. His body language was really difficult to read - he hugged me twice, but seemed a bit off. My friends and I left early, so I texted, "You guys sounded great tonight! Glad you're back in town." He responded, "I was so happy you all came out...hope the rest of your night is terrific!" He referred to the entire group, not just me. I was a little bummed about the night, so I went to bed without responding. This morning he texts, "When is a good day for you to grab coffee?" Now, maybe I'm looking waaay too into things, but I feel like he's wanting to back off and be strictly friends. I'm only basing that off everything that happened yesterday and the fact that I already know he's not totally sure about diving into a relationship.

Typically, I wouldn't be stressing out, but this guy really has a hold of my heart.

I would really appreciate any opinions or advice from men (...or women) about what might be going on in his head and how I should proceed. Thanks so much!
Is there potential for a relationship?
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