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I have to deal with being ignored. What should I do? (long story)

Long story, ready? (info might be a little scrambled.)

So I'm living at my bf's (Andy) house with is brother(josh) and his fiance(sam). Josh and Sam have 1 year old twins.

Josh doesn't clean up after himself or his kids. So me and Andy are stuck cleaning up after him and he'll bitch if we ask him to do anything.

So lately we've been staying at one of andys friends house (Rachel) to get out of the house; she has a 1 year old daughter (Kami), who Andy has taken the father roll for.

Now, she cleans up after herself and Kami, but Kami constantly screams. And screams. And screams.

I didn't mind it at Rachel's at first but after about 3 hours, Andy was different. Almost like he has a crush on Rachel. (who is 9 years older than him).

So after being ignored by him between Kami and Rachel I'm wanting to go back to his house.

We go back for a couple minuets to grab some things to go back to Rachel's (at this point I'd rather be ignored than live in a house where I clean everything up.) and the cable dude is at the house to hook it up. So we clean up everything Josh has made a mess of. (moldy dishes in the sink, dishes on the coffee table that smell, over flowing garbage, baby crackers crushed on the carpet, etc) and the house looks decent.

So we leave and go back to Rachel's for the night. The next day we had to come back out to the house, since my parents were coming over for my birthday. Think it would have stayed clean? f*** no. Dishes in the sink, crackers everywhere. So me and andy speed clean the house before they get here.

Done, okay.

We go back to Rachel's with my cake. (the only thing I have close to home with me.) she throws it out, Because it had been taken over by ants.

And to top it off, my best friend, is dating his best friend.

I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. And I really don't know what do to. I want to go home, but I still really like Andy. If we stay at the house, I'm stuck cleaning up everything. If we go to Rachel's, I have to deal with being ignored. And both places I can't wake up before 9 due to a screaming kid.

I'm going to go insane if I don't figure out what to do.
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Oh, and to make it even better. I've missed my period.
I have to deal with being ignored. What should I do? (long story)
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