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Why does he keep saying I am a "cool girl" ?

So I met this guy in September at the start of the school year at my college. He came to a few of the parties held at our house and he seemed pretty cool so we talked, even though every time he drinks he gets totally obnoxiously wasted, which I find slightly unattractive. We have only talked when we are out at the bar because he doesn't have a cell phone and we are in different programs so we rarely cross paths. He has stayed over at my house twice, but I won't "sleep with him" because I just don't believe in one night stands. Anyway, every time I am out we would spend most of the night together dancing and drinking but since I have not slept with him I feel that he has distanced himself. So I confronted him about it one night and he told me he thought I was a "super cool girl" but that he as an a**hole and that he wouldn't be good for me. How do I take this ? I really feel in my gut that he is actually a nice guy, we just haven't had the chance to talk. He is going away next year so I am thinking maybe he just doesn't want any relationships ? Just looking for some thoughts on the situation, and what a girl should do ! Thank you in advance for your feedback, it is appreciated :)
Why does he keep saying I am a "cool girl" ?
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