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Do ugly guys have more guts than cute guys?

I notice all the time..even with my friends..there will be ugly guys that don't care and will hit on me or my Gf's and we are like wtf? I am not trying to sound conceited..I am really not..but, when it is clear that I am in shape..and I take care of myself..and a guy that is not in shape..or doesn't seem like he takes care of himself hits on me or my friends..we are like? Are guys that are ugly just use to being rejected? So they don't care? Guys that hit on me is like 40% cute and 60% not attracted at all. It is just..weird.

Do you girls get this too? And, guys? What in the world? Haha.

More ugly guys than cute guys hit on me
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More cute guys than ugly guys hit on me
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Do ugly guys have more guts than cute guys?
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