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Making friends in college?

I'm in my third year and I feel like its going nowhere. High school wasn't that great for me so I decided to make college better and make up for it. From the beginning I joined clubs, met a few people, and things were going well, for a couple months, then the people I met just started dropping like flies. Like if I didn't initiate contact, they won't either, so it was a dead end. It keeps happening and I wonder if there is something wrong with me. I was friendly, and tried to make conversation, but I guess that wasn't good enough. Its not easy for me to make friends, either. I can do the small talk, but I can't go deeper, hence I can't get past the acquaintance stage. My grades have been suffering because of me feeling alienated. I don't go to class because its hard to concentrate, and seeing everyone with their friends is making me become bitter. Since I can't make or keep friends I really don't feel like trying period, and I feel like dropping out because I don't want this to be how I remember my college years and I don't have anything memorable to look back on (I've never been to a school dance, for one). I may flunk out too. There is a part of me that doesn't want to quit, so how can I at least meet people in my classes? I have all large lecture classes, so its kinda hard choosing someone to talk to, and then actually talking and going from there. I'm in clubs, but once again its the meeting people part that I'm stuck on. Any suggestions?
Making friends in college?
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