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Meet someone that is serious about relationships?

I don't get out of my house much, other than work. I haven't been in a relationship for quite some time. I tried internet dating and 99 percent of the people that I met either wanted to get laid or just play the dating game. I have to rely on public transportation (which turns a lot of people off in and of itself). However I have a lot of love in my heart that is waiting to be given to the right person. Without seeming desperate (because I want things to happen naturally; starting as friends and seeing if they progress into more), staying away from internet dating (because I have had no luck with those and it is almost like "Shopping" so people set their sights too high and expect a love at first sight experience, and without joining chess clubs or other extra curricular activities (because I have an odd work schedule and because of my limited transportation) what is a good way to meet people? I don't expect an immediate love connection and I am willing to wait but I am tired of running into men that just want to get into my pants or use me and take off.
Meet someone that is serious about relationships?
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