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She is playing too hard to get?

So I like this girl and she seems to like me but she is too hard to get.

When I met her I did a shotgun approach and I just approached her out of the blue, she seemed to like it and me and we were friends right away I guess. Plus I have seen her staring at me, she has approached me too (that was once), I have seen the way she looks at me, when we have talked and also I have seen tense around me.

However since then it has been really confusing, she has ignored me on purpose, she has tried to make me jealous before,she has given dirty looks, she hasn't tell it to me, but I know when I don't talk to her she gets really mad at me and if I try talk to her, she will just blew me off.

I don't know man, its so hard to talk to her, I don't know if I will get ignored again, as I have at least 4 times, she is way too unpredictable and confusing. I mean I know she likes me but if I approach her she would likely ignore me.
She is playing too hard to get?
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