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Is he jealous or am I over-thinking?

OK so this guy I was with ended things and said we should rather stay friends because he didn't want anything complicated right now. Since then we Haven't really spoken much, he sends me a message about once a week to see how I am. Recently I found out that he's been hanging out with another girl, apparently they are just good friends, but I had my doubts. I asked him about it and he said nothing was going on so I believed him. He said he doesn't want to be with anyone now because he's busy with exams.

Recently I was in hospital, but it was nothing serious. He found out and started talking to me all the time asking if I was OK. I was irritated because he only started caring as soon as something was wrong, but when I was fine he didn't really bother. Last night my one guy friend came over to my house to see how I was and he brought chocolate with him. I made it my status and now this other guy has sent me a message asking if he could come and visit me. I said OK and he said that he hopes I like chocolate.

He saw the status that I had so do you think he is jealous and is trying to out do the other guy? He wouldn't visit me otherwise, only because I'm not well is he making an effort. Do you think he still has feelings for me or am I looking too deeply into this?
Is he jealous or am I over-thinking?
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