Should I call her or ask her out in person?

So it's been a long time since I've properly spoken to this girl. We met back in 2009 and she flirted with me a lot. She would flip her hair, stare at me in a sexual way and blush when I call her name. However I ignored her/didn't talk to her for a while. I missed her and when I asked her out via text she deleted me off Facebook. This was around late 2010.

I approached her earlier this year and said I was very sorry. She seemed really enthusiastic to see me. She smiled at me a lot, genuinely and asked me what was wrong. Then I saw her again a few times and got the same enthusiastic responses.

Now I'm thinking that I should make a move or else I risk losing her to another guy. However I don't want to seem needy or desperate. I just want to be with her and I want us to open up to each other again. How can I make this happen? We rarely see each other at college and it's usually once a month or rarer. Should I just call her then? But I feel like asking her out in person because it's more natural.

So what do you girls/guys think I should do?

Also she's the conservative type and never had any boyfriends before. She's studious, hard-working and quiet.

Sometimes I think I should wait until I graduate from university and thus find a stable job. However I always think that it's going to be too late by then and she could be taken by another guy. So I have to act now.

Thanks for any suggestions.
Should I call her or ask her out in person?
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