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Ex-girlfriend is ignoring me..Again!

So when she got a new boyfriend we began the no contact rule, this guy broke up with him and she was very upset so she asked for my advice. I gave her the advice and we started to talk again like friends and she asked "Who do you like?" I told her that there is no one to like right now and all of a sudden she said "I am starting to have feelings for you again" I guess I went to excited and said "Thank god, because I like you also.." But she told me she likes this other guy who I heard of and he is a player to tons of girls. And now I try to talk to her she acts like she doesn't even care! So the questions I am asking are this

1. Why is she doing this?

2. What should I do?

and 3. Will she keep acting like this or will she stop soon or later?
Ex-girlfriend is ignoring me..Again!
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