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Brothers friend has a crush on me?

Hes 12, and I'm 17..I know its just a little puppy dog crush. And its suppose to be cute and for something for me to "awww" at..and it was at first but its been going on for 2 years and now he's more bold with what he does.

Gives me longer hugs, and lays his head on my boobs.

Always says hi and bye to me even if its completely out of his way, cuddles up to me if were all watching a movie, if he leaves room he tells me where he's going in case I need him ect. People I've just met notice along with my parents, and its putting me in a hard situation.

Should I just ignore it? let it just die?

He really is a sweet kid, so I don't want to be mean to him. He only means well.

PS. I'm not just bragging for attention or anything. I've been told to just let it die..but it doesn't really seem like it will.
Brothers friend has a crush on me?
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