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Is he playing it cool and hard to get?

A guy I like at college and that I've recently go to know was really playfully teasing/flirting with me when we were out clubbing Friday night, He's also quite like that when we talk on Facebook (which isn't that often as we're not always on). I always suspected he may have liked me / found me attractive as I'd always catch him looking at me when I was near by.

Now I don't know if this was just a coincidence but when I went online he went offline. I don't know if he's acting cool because his playful flirting may have been obvious he likes me? We have already spoken online since but I was last to say something. He seemed keen when we spoke but then it stopped.

Another thing is that I recently turned down his friend who tried to make a drunk move on me which was a little awkward so I don't know if he assumes I'll reject him too.
Is he playing it cool and hard to get?
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