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Is he playing hard to get or has he just lost interest?

So, this guy that I met in September wasn't typically what I would go for in a guy. The obvious muscular and gorgeous type, but he was still cute, funny, and he listened well so I liked him. We went on a few dates and at one point, I was texting him first, but I didn't want to feel to easy, so I stopped doing that and he quickly took over the texting first role, but after a while he stopped texting as much. In fact, he only texts me about twice a week now and only calls once a week, but its usually to try and set up a date for a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, which I can only assume is due to his schedule. Anyways, just the other day while he was texting me, he called me (This was during the night time and I was still at work mind you) so I obviously didn't pick it up and I didn't call him back after work because it was late and a big part of me feels like he's playing games.. But I want to know if I am correct in my assumptions and how much contact (texting/calling) throughout the week is reasonable/needed to show legit interest? Ladies and fellas can you please help?
Is he playing hard to get or has he just lost interest?
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