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How often do you get randomly complimented?

I feel I get random complements from strangers more frequently than I do from people I know...
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Most frequently: Its usually from mid twenties women to little old ladies commenting on something I'm wearing.

Today it was my star-fishnet tights from the Wal-mart stocker.

If its from a friend-most likely its about me being smart or funny or a comment 'bout the cleavage.

This is usually followed by someone throwing something at/in them...

From the internet: always about my eyes. Always.

Couple times a weekish total.
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PS: You're all fan-flippin'-tastic people.

Really, I mean that.
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Doesn't strictly have to be the opposite gender or on looks. Any complement out of the blue will do. :)
How often do you get randomly complimented?
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