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Can love really heal all wounds?

I feel like there are so many people on here who bash the opposite gender. All girls are gold-digging sluts who will take your money and leave you hanging. All boys are nympho douchebags who only want a one night stand.

What ever happened to live and learn? It's almost a guarantee that as we grow older and choose to start dating and involving our emotions with the opposite gender that at one point in time we will, more than likely, experience a less than desirable outcome. I've had my fair share of messed up situations and admittedly I became quite bitter and resentful towards men for a long time.

Then I found the most amazing man in my whole world. I thank God I gave him a chance because I couldn't picture my life without him now. It may sound cliched but the love and compassion and affection he has shown me has pieced my heart and my optimism towards men back together.

Many months ago, I was the girl stating that "no man could do anything right." However, now I find myself, more often than not, defending the male population against bitter girls who have lost faith in good men. And the same goes for hurtful guys who think all girls are out for their money and are just a waste of time and space.

Feeling betrayed and used is only natural when experiencing a wrong-doing, but I think it takes that one, special person to show you true, honest to goodness, sincere love, that people forget exists, to restore the trust and optimism in those that have been hurt.

Anyone agree...disagree?
Can love really heal all wounds?
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