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Is he playing games with me?

I am 40 and have been friends with a 25 year old for about a year we recently started the friends with benefits and I have begun to have feelings for him he says he has feelings for me as well but at the same time he says they are not as strong as the ones I have for him. He come over sometimes and we hang out and do not have sex yet at other times he and I do have sex I spend the night at his house sometimes and vice versa... He finally stated he wanted to try dating then I didn't hear from him for 4 days afterward and he stated he's been busy because his brother moved back to town and he's been helping him move in which I know to be true. He has a time limit set for himself that in 6 months he's going to be moving back to where he is originally from and he's stated if things develop he would take me with him or cross that bridge when we got there... I am wondering if I should even pursue things at this point... I was married for 15 years and have been divorced for 3 and in those 3 I have gone out with a couple of men but I have had NO connection with them like I have with this 25 year old... he's not your normal 25 year old he doesn't go out and party his moms had several bouts with cancer so he's had to grow up fast mentally and I do not look 40 so when we go out people assume we are almost the same age most people think I am around 32 so its not like we are an odd looking couple and he's told several people we are trying to date and see if anything develops... I know he has feelings for me because of how he acts around me but is there anyway that I can get those feelings to develop more or is he really just playing a head game with me ( which he says he has no time for games more does he want them in his life) we went out the other night and shot pool and a friend of mine text and he said see under different circumstances I would be jealous... and I'm thinking OK he's just a friend are you really jealous and your trying to tell me that or is it that your pointing out that your feelings are that deep and your not jealous at all... is there even a point at continuing this relationship or should I just let it go...not sure because like I said I'm new to this dating thing and I Haven't contacted him in 3 days hoping he would miss me and contact me is that right or should I contact him... I don't want to smother him but at the same time everything that I have ever wanted in someone is in him and there is just something about his aura and the calming effect he has on me that I am at the point where I think I must have this man in my life... any advice is appreciated should I try and pursue and show him I believe in him or give up completely... oh FYI his last girlfriend was 35 and tehy dated for 2 years so he's always dated older women... thanks
Is he playing games with me?
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