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I asked her out in the past?

First of all hello everyone.Some background information first on my case. I have had a crush on a certain girl for almost three years now and I had told her that I did almost three years ago as well but she was already taken at the time. I am not sure if she is single or not now but anyway we sometimes glance at each other in class and hold a brief stare. We really don't have conversations or anything of the matter but we work on projects along with another person together but there is not much association for a project is still work. I've noticed that ever time I talk to her and I finish what I am saying she quickly starts texting on her cellular telephone as if she is informing someone of something. She does this also after we have a brief stare. I have a tendency to become nervous and pull away from the stare even though I love every moment of it. Additionally in the hallways she seems to be reserved when greeting me when compared to other people she greets. I am not really sure what to make this behavior in general. I am not sure if she is trying to tell me something, if she is just this way naturally, if she is uncomfortable because I asked her out in the past, or if she is trying to tell me something is it that she is interested or is she showing me that she is not interested.

I have to add that the reason I have never decided to ask her out again or ask her anything to do with feelings is that I am afraid that I am going to make her feel uncomfortable since I have asked her in the past and that I will destroy the mere association we have now. All in all I just find asking her out again without any knowledge of her having interest to be too uncomfortable for her. Sometimes she teases me but it isn't often that she does but I always enjoy it when she does. Sorry for the lack of organization throughout these details but I am having trouble explaining myself clearly. I have never had a a girlfriend either so I don't think she is trying to see whether I am single or not.
I asked her out in the past?
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