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Can guys end up liking their crush?

I have to sit next to this guy who smells really really really good! not to mention that his voice turns me on. I'm not sure if I like him and to be honest I'll hate myself if I do. for some reason when ever I have a crush it doesn't end well. they are always interested in another girl, basically when ever I get a crush I'm the one that literally gets crushed. no ones ugly, I think it may be because I'm too shy. honestly when ever I do get a crush the guy will never know and force myself not to like them the next day. I guess what I want to know is should I try to talk to this guy and if so what should I say and is there a chance he will like me? have in mind I have to sit next to him in a boring class so it goes by really slow.
Can guys end up liking their crush?
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