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I think we still love each other?

There's this guy. SO we spent a lot of time with each other, and we fell in love. It wasn't the kind of love that you just go around proclaiming he's your boy, etc. We tell each other our dreams, and our plans for the future. It all started in a play. Through draw lots we were tasked to portray Romeo and Juliet. Then we became friends, and our relationship was the best thing that ever happened to both of us. He isn't the stereotype of guys, in fact he's kind of unique..

Now we drifted apart from each other due to a lot of issues like trust issues.

And I didn't contact him for about 1 month now.


I can still feel that he wants me back.. At times in our classroom when I entered I saw him staring at me, and I was frozen I didn't know how to respond so I just held his gaze and we looked at each other for a while. And he keeps sending me group messages with lyrics such as "Tell me why you're so hard to forget don't remind me, I'm not over it" and "cause if one day you wake up and find that you're missing me, and you're heart starts to wonder where on this earth I could be." I mean, if he really likes the girl he's flirting with, why would he send thousands of group messages like that? he's supposed to send more sweet songs not for breakup. and since he's seated behind me, in class its so annoying that I can't copy notes cause he keeps on singing Heartless by Kanye West. but he just acted like this when I changed my dp on Facebook to my picture with a guy, what's more, my teacher once commented and called me in class, saying that I was thinking of someone because I was kind of dazed (not because of him but because of the math problems on the board) and then the class recited his name and then the teacher said "hey, he's got a different kind of smile look at him" and then I smiled also. it's just that sometimes I feel I shouldn't get this wasted. from the beginning he was always the shy kind of guy,. he'd never do a thing cause he's afraid of what would happen.

after all his group messages, I never texted him or called him for a month, and I laughed so hard in the classroom. basically I just pretended that I didn't care at all. I pretended I was okay, and his loss didn't mean a thing to me. I mean, if he really didn't want me anymore he could have just stayed away in my life.

AND AFTER ALL MY PRETENTION, he never did anything anymore.

what do you think? does he still love me?
I think we still love each other?
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