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Personology: Do different faces actually attract each other?

Ok, I'm rosy white (my cheeks are actually rosey lol xD), my hair is a very dark and dense chocolate brown, my eyes are chestnut and very big. my nose is little and pointy and my lips are heart shaped.

For some reason, I feel I only attract my complete opposites (middle eastern looking man, Asians and "nordics" lol )

its not that I don't like it, of course I love it!

I like my complete physical opposite x)

but I was wondering , now that I just threw it up to all of you about something...:

I'm going this April to Tahiti with a a tahitian friend that is a transfer student at my university, I'm seriously very attracted to Tahiti for many cultural, ecological etc reasons..but she also showed me a couple of her good friends that I would meet, and I liked one so very much!

he is my COMPLETE pheno opposite: bronze tanned, dirty bronze blond hair, very tall , big light green eyes and a long arched (roman nose)...

SO! do you guys think he might like me?

I know, that physical attraction is not the most important but you do have to admit that-in the mayority of cases- it is usually the first step of interest.

SOOOO, seriously, what do you think? is there a chance for me? and if so, how do you think I should approach him!

come on, help me out! xD


(I am usually liked by this type of guys too )
Personology: Do different faces actually attract each other?
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