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Dating after college

All right, here's the short version of my life:

I'm a single 24 year old guy who's been out of school and working for 2 years. I received my master's degree in computer science from a great school in California 2 years ago, I've launched a career at a respectable tech company with a matching tech salary, I have a car, I'm not living at home, and I have aspirations. So, I consider myself old for my age.

Most of my friends here have left to start grad school in the past year, so nearly all my friends I have now are from work. However, work is a tech company, which basically means it's one of the world's biggest sausagefests.

To all of you: Where can I find ladies to date? I'm not into bars or clubbing. Also, I sucked majorly with girls during my school years because I was a nerd for all my life.

To the ladies: If you were older than me, would you consider dating a person in my position? How much older before it would be a no?
Dating after college
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