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What went wrong and am I acting the right way to this?

Why would a guy make an effort to date a girl. Even take her away on a weekend away.

Then after seeing her a few more times. Breaks up with her because he is to busy with work and other things and is not ready for a new relationship. After getting out of a 'sh*tty one' last year.

He admits that he likes her afterward. That he wants to remain friends. But have not heard anything at all from him. Messaged him on his birthday and got a response to that. That was about it.

I do not think I have done anything wrong. All I did was voice how I felt about not hearing from him enough and he said that he could not promise me anything. That I would probably be happier with someone who can give me the attention that I deserve. Just hate that I still like the guy.

Have not contacted him since. Been doing the no contact thing.

Why say you still want to be friends with someone. He mentioned that like three times to me. Then completely ignore the girl after a situation like this.

Still have him on Facebook and have been showing him on there how independent I am being and that I am moving on fine without him.

Even though I am still hurt. I really felt like I got led on. Reckon I did get led on? I was able to see him once, twice a week before when we first were dating. Weird how things just faded out like that.
What went wrong and am I acting the right way to this?
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