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Hooking up with an ex.... help?

We have been hooking up for a couple of months, but whenever we do we also watch movies, and hang out.. it's not like a quickie situation. Also, we aren't having sex.. in fact we haven't done anything with the clothes off. He doesn't seem to want a commitment again, but he gets upset when I talk to other guys. I just feel like he does so much to make me think he cares, but does a lot to also cancel that out. The last time I saw him, he stopped in the middle of making out, and said that he wished he could wake up every morning listening to my heart beat. But then that same night he pretended like he didn't know how old I am... we were together for a while.. I KNOW he knows how old I am. So why would he bs that? He just makes no sense to me. I didn't hear from him for a week and a half after that, until I passed him on the road one day and texted him. I was on my way to a hair appt and after he asked me to send him a pic of my new hair.. I feel like that's not something guys ask most of their female friends to do.. but as of right now that's all we are. Please help me to figure things out. Ultimately, I want to get back together.. do you think that's a possibility? And if so, how should I go about trying to make that happen? Any insight is greatly appreciated.

Hooking up with an ex.... help?
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