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Do guys really do this when they're interested?

You know how fourth graders just like... bug their crushes to DEATH?

This kid and I work together, and we've been out one on one a couple times just to chill, but I'm not terribly sure if it's because he's interested or only because he feels comfortable with me. It's only been a month since we knew each other, and everyone at work thinks that him and I have known each other since high school. They think that we're best friends.

The kinds of stuff he does to me is like... hitting me with a bundle of straws for NO reason, or order me around when I'm busy with my own tables and then later he comes as he puts his hand on my back and says "are you mad?" Or he'll splash water on my face after washing his hands, poke me on my sides etc...

This kid is 22 and he's acting this way? I mean, I don't mind it, I think it's hilarious sometimes, but I wanna know if its because he's interested or he just thinks its fun.

Do guys really do this when they're interested?
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