He told me to move on?

me and my ex boyfriend broke up a couple of months ago. a couple of weeks after we broke up he got a new girlfriend. he's constantly been texting me since they got together saying how he misses me, wants me back, still loves me, misses me, that he's not happy with her etc.

I've seen him a few times since the break up. last time I saw him we ended up having sex and he stayed over. he came over to talk about 'us' maybe getting back together.

a couple of days after that night I asked him to please make a decision (this has gone on for 2 months now and I needed to know either way - my body was gonna give up on me otherwise!)

he told me to move on. he said us getting back together wouldn't be right. and he's still with his girlfriend.

we're still talking because I'd rather have him as a friend than not have him at all, I'm just so confused by him saying he wants me back for 2 months straight, when it gets to it, he doesn't/.

any advice?
He told me to move on?
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