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Girl starts dating guy I like?

Soo in my group of friends there's one guy who has liked all of us at least once (he just goes around in circles liking girls..). And I think, despite whatever everyone and myself says, we all like him a little bit. It was kind of an unspoken rule that we just wouldn't date him because it would cause trouble or drama, or just make another girl sad. Which I thought was fair. He could date anyone but the people in our close group of friends.

Then this girl..we'll call her Jess..comes in and he likes her. They've had an on and off thing for about a year. Throughout that time he's like me and my other friends, ask out other girls, dated some of them, etc etc.. She is the only one (out of our friends) that has really said Yes to him..They went to Swirl together last year and then it died down..He liked me and asked me out and then went back to her by the end of the summer.

Now Jess and Mr Guy Friend are going out and anytime I am around them and they're together I feel awkward and just bummed.. :\

Wouldn't you too? I just don't think it's very fair~

But I probably have a bias view on this situation (Is that what you'd call it?) ..ugh..I don't know..
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Oh, I stthought of another thing..

HI stop being bummy about it.. mean I do NOT like feeling this way. But I can't really help how I feel about something, but it is my friend so shouldn't I be happy for her?

How do I get this off my mind?
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How do I stop being bummy about it... I mean..****
Girl starts dating guy I like?
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