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If you like a girl?

Guys, do you ONLY do favors for girls you like? IfI'm not talking about passing the salt or the green beans across the table, lol. If you identify yourself as a "nice guy" are you just going to be the proverbial knight in shining armor for ANY damsel in distress or will you only really go out of your way to help the girls you like/are crushing on?

Please answer the related poll. "What do you see as 'REALLY going out of your way' for a girl." (I don't want to seem like I'm double posting, lol.)
I'll open the door for her or let her pass first.
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I'll run a small errand for her or call her back even if I'm busy.
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I'll talk to her friends and family if they're with her.
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I'll write/send her something to congratulate her on something she's accomplished.
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I'll listen to all her stories and give advice.
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If you like a girl?
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