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Mixed signals from ex boyfriend, advice?

My ex and I have been broken up, almost 5 months now. we were forced to break up, and basically have had to contact since the break-up, until about two-three weeks ago.

Recently, we've been talking more, and have been civil. We are in the same band, and we have the same group of friends, so even though we've been around each other, we still never spoke to each other.

Well, we share the same best friend, and recently, after I've been out with this guy, I came to a realization. I told our friend, "well. I thought I was passed my feelings for him, but, I realize, I'm just not over him. I still really care for him." I told him this maybe two weeks ago. Well, we got to talking the other night, and he said that my ex said about a week ago that he didn't like me in that way anymore, which is totally cool. but—after he said this, our group basically hung out like 4 days in a row, in which he talked to me, and we joked around and stuff. so, a few days ago, he says to our friend, "I think I'm ready to be friends with her again, I'm around a lot more now." cool deal! I say.

but, what confuses me, and I'm not the only one who notices, but, my ex stares at me, all the time. I'm not exaggerating. and it's not like a "stare" per se. it's almost like he's watching me. and he follows me, like if I go into another room, or something, he and his friends will follow. also, we've started texting a bit, and he texted me first 3 out of the 5 times we've texted. also, he gets a huge kick out of scaring me. he absolutely loves to scare me. he is constantly jumping out at me. like once, we were all at walmart, and my friend was standing with him, and he asked my friend, "where is she?" and they said I was coming so he ran and hid from me, and scared me.

he'll sende texts with like monkey's to scare me (I have a huge fear of them) and that's usually how he'll start the texting conversations, and he'll keep it going for a good two-three hours. and just last he texted me during a movie, where he was sitting maybe 4 feet away

from me. and we texted during the entire movie, and I asked him, "now since when did you become so mean?" (jokingly, he sent me a scary picture. like 4 of them.) and he responds with, "well. I wouldn't call it that."

I'm not sure what he meant by that.

so.. fellas.. any ideas why my ex is acting this way towards me?

I should add, he does not act like this towards any of the other girls. at all. ha.
Mixed signals from ex boyfriend, advice?
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