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Does he just want to be friends?

I am a freshman in college and within the first few weeks I met this guy. We got each others' numbers and started texting all the time. We have three classes together and we see each other all the time outside of class. Sometimes we meet up to talk about things... deep things. For example: One day he was having a bad day and he wanted to talk... then we ended up talking about our families back home and his parent's divorce and the death of my father a few months back. We were both crying at the end of the conversation. All of his friends say that he's interested in dating me, and his actions say that he does, but I'm still not sure. One night we went to a park and he said he wanted to talk about something serious. He told me that "obviously we like talking to each other and like being together..." and he has been hearing what other people have been saying about us. He said that he had not been trying to make a move and that if he gave me that impression that he was sorry. He said he'snot dating this semester. After that he sat down next to me and asked if I had ever been in a relationship and all about my dating history. He also told me his. Later, on the walk home he was very flirty. We have been hanging out since then and it has all been the same as it always was. Is he just trying to honor his commitment to not date this semester or is he not interested? I'm so confused!
Does he just want to be friends?
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