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Avoiding the awkward?

I'm a bit stuck, I'm 19 he's 23, He's -shy-coy-confusing w his actions etc.

We have been becoming friends for the past 3 months, it's a slow process but I'm not in a rush. The problem is, he is in my College class once a week and when we see each other he -stares-started getting more and more comfy -hits into me, to see if I pay attention-makes jokes if another guy tries to talk to me- comes over to me and sits w me or talks to me...But outside of school he only took me out once and other wise he just doesn't text a lot and when he does he talks a lot. All signs point to interest but then its like he goes silent when we start getting closer.

Int he beginning I was hesitant for his reasons but then I tried and became open and tried to show interest w.o being too strong because I know he is pretty shy but now I have pulled back and Haven't contacted him because his shyness can only excuse his behavior for so long

my problem is , come class this week how do I not seem like a ***** but show him I won't continue to be his flirt ? because he isn't giving me any show of much effort ,so I can't keep waiting.
Avoiding the awkward?
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