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Do you think we will get back together?

My boyfriend have liked me since I was a Jr in high school and he was a senior. In my senior year he went out and bought me a stuff animal and I found out that he has told his family about me. Now I'm a freshman in college and he's a sophomore and we have been texting each other on and off for months before deciding to go out. We have been going out for 2 months and we decided that we want to have sex. We had sex twice w/o protection(irresponsible, I know, please don't lecture the importance of it, I know and I still allowed us to do it without, irresponsible). Well, we had a pregnancy scare and it freaked my boyfriend out. He said he needed time to think because he didn't know what he would do if he became a dad at his age (I'm 18, he's 20) because he can't provide for it and he can't run out on it and that he doesn't want to mess up my schooling (in college) I asked him several times should we break up and after the fifth time, he said yes.

He said that he just needs time to think and we can still hang out but he set boundaries. we can hug but can't kiss since it leads to other things. He said we need to start over because we moved way to fast and we should start off as friends again. He asked how would we have explained to our family if I was pregnant and I'm in school, he doesn't want to drop out and fall behind because of a kid. He told me that I don't need to worry about him being with someone else because he is not trying to move into a relationship after the scare. He said later down the line, in the future we can get back together. I plan to give him a week where I won't contact him and then gradually start to so he can get his thoughts together. I haven't had an contact with him for 3 days but some of his family would write me on Facebook (they always did this)

Do you think this is a good idea? do you think he's just playing with me? Do you think we will get back together? He is a nice and thoughtful guy and he doesn't cheat but could this means he doesn't want to be with me anymore? does he want someone else?
Do you think we will get back together?
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