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Has anybody else given up?

I gotta admit. I'm almost positive that I'm going to be single for the majority of my lifespan. I've had one real girlfriend, and I never even really liked her, I felt like I was forcing myself to. And I've tried to get countless girls to like me, and I've had feelings for a ton of girls. but no dice. I think I've had like 1 girl besides my ex that seemed even remotely interested in me. Its not like I'm boring, but I can be extremely goofy. I've been told by a lady friend that I intimidate girls? Wtf right? Its not like I'm a damn lion or something. I can be a little charismatic and friendly, so much so that people may get the idea that I

just don't give a rats ass about anything. Which I don't but... Ya know. I've kept my head in the books all through high school, so to be honest, I may have just blown people off along the way, because much hasn't mattered to me besides my schoolwork through out high school, which was okay to me then, because I never really cared for anything, besides getting A's, so some girls advances may have gone unnoticed. But the books is probably were my head was supposed to be, but I feel I kind of regret it Looking back during my Senior year. Plus, I set up a food bank across the street my sophomore year, so my business has sorta been my other half of my life, aside school. But it all has paid off, Because I was just accepted to Brown, and I'm waiting to here back from some other elite schools. Its just that I feel like I've just flew past a crucial part of life, that all of my peers got to experience, while I was glued to my desk, dissecting my theoretical astrophysics books, and aeronautical engineering lectures.

Now I'm in my senior year, and I have to watch all my friends and their high school sweethearts graduate. Fml...

Its funny because if the me from a few weeks ago saw me typing this, he'd die from laughter at the fact that I thought high school relationships were important, and he'd be slapping my wrist for not having a pen in my hand.

Who else feels like they just aren't cut out for relationships? Anybody gone through this sort of thing and have some advice to offer? Any input would be great.
Has anybody else given up?
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