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Should I get involved with my brother's friend?

So I think I like my brother's friend. I've always been the hot older sister (by a yr) that has been off limits but I recently have gotten close to this one guy. He has asked me out several times before but I turned him down. He always flirts with me, picks me up, jokes about marrying me, etc. I think he genuinely likes me. Anyway, I've hung out with him at his place a few times in the last 3 weeks or so after we have all gone out drinking, ended up making out (no sex or anything) and cuddling and I've stayed at his place in his bed every time. I don't want any drama so I told him not to tell anyone. I don't want him to think I am his cuddle buddy now though. The more I hang out with him the more I like him... I think I might actually want to date him now... we have a lot in common and have fun together plus there is definitely some chemistry. He can be a little strange though and we haven't talked about what is going on with us... I actually kind of give him the cold shoulder sometimes because that's how I handle things. I know he likes me - he has told my friend as much but I know he's also worried about losing friendships if it ends badly (I am too). I did talk to my brother about possibly being interested in this guy... he wasn't happy but said the guy is a good guy and I should do what makes me happy. Another con is that this guy drinks a lot, overcame a prescription drug addiction and is a smoker... not my normal type. But he's attractive, smart, funny and successful.

I'm thinking about not hanging out with him alone for a while so he doesn't think I'm his hookup. Is this a good idea? I really want him to talk to me about all this because I don't like the gray area. He can be a little awkward and I don't know if he really knows how to handle it either. He is 3 years younger than me though so he is a little immature. If we are friends, we have to cut it out and if we really seriously wanna date then we need to lay down some ground rules. I am not some psycho girl that wants a title immediately... I just know this is playing with fire and I want to figure things out before it progresses and someone gets hurt. I know I should keep my distance but I can't seem to help it... Any advice?!
Should I get involved with my brother's friend?
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