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Best way to get a girl is to date MULTIPLE girls?

Mathematically, dating 3 girls seems like it would reap 3 times the chances of finding a girlfriend and/or to have sex.

Actually, it does not, I believe it more so reaps 3 to the third power chances to find the right girl.

Let me explain. When you are talking to 3 girls at once, you not only do not have to wait for a girl to reply to you, or wait for a girl to chase after you, but you can split your attention. Girls CHASE AFTER GUYS who split their attention.

So not only do you have 3 times the chances to get the girl, but because you are not focusing so hard on one girl at a time, the girls try to get YOUR ATTENTION.

So try it yourself, talk to 3-5 girls at once. Do not focus on one. You will see that you will find a great girl!

And ladies, I am sorry, but the way that you treat us guys by playing mind games, acting too busy or being distant, this is our only way to react that makes us not look desperate!

So comment!

I promise this will work! Girls make it seem like you should date only one girl at once, but that is nonsense!

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Basically, I ask this because I am dating this girl, and it is getting pretty serious. We are both at school and she is graduating this semester. So she is giving me little attention, mostly because she is busy and does not want to start anything serious right before she leaves. I have gotten crap from both males and females for wanting to date other girls.

At the moment, I have put my eggs into one basket with this chick. (we have been dating for like 2 months) but I am going to quit.
Best way to get a girl is to date MULTIPLE girls?
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