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Asperger's - still hard for me to read social situations?

There's this girl, Sarah, that I've been thinking of asking out to lunch or a cup of coffee.

We talk in between classes at college, in a corner along with the other members of our social clique (nerds, mainly).

She's a rather devout Christian in some of the beliefs she holds (Intelligent Design, Young Earth) which actually makes her something of an outsider among our group.

The group as a whole tends to talk about some pretty odd subjects for such a public location, as if walking into this corner drops all social inhibitions.

At one point the question arose 'who in this group is the only one who doesn't touch him/herself?' We all pointed to one kid, who was at the time too deeply engrossed in listening to his music to notice.

For some stupid reason, I verbally connected the dots together, saying to Sarah 'so that means you do?'.

She is not a tall girl either, and I have told her that the only reason I was able to remember her name at first (I have trouble with names) was by thinking of her as Small Sarah. She claims to have gotten used to jokes about her height, and occasionally makes fun of it herself.

Our group is very open, so I hope she is alright with some of the things I say, but I especially worry that talking about lascivious topics may offend her, even if she herself implied she did it/ is OK with the conversation.

I have never seen her truly angry, which makes me think that under the ever-cheerful face may be a girl who remembers every offense against her.

Am I being paranoid? Should I watch my words around her even though no topic is off limits in our group? It's still hard for me to read social situations because of my Asperger's.
Asperger's - still hard for me to read social situations?
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