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How can I get this guy?

I go to this volleyball club.. it's mixed guys and girls.. I was a new member two months ago and knew nobody..

The young men were the nicest young men I've met in a long-time.. good-looking and athletic, yet in no way arrogant nor chauvinistic. Genuinely nice guys. I know a lot of women say this

about men they first meet, but the genuineness of these guys was without any slight shadow of a doubt. I thought I'd hit the jackpot, as there were at least 5 I'd describe in this way, 4 of whom were single.

Then I met the young women, who also seemed fine, not as friendly, but OK.

Then I realised, the young women, one in particular who seemed the ring leader, were not talking to me. In fact, ignoring me.

To set the scene about myself: I'm friendly and outgoing and talked to them. The other thing most people say about me almost immediately is that I'm very pretty.

I don't want to brag but I bring up the latter point because I think it may have something to do with it.

Anyway, there's this guy there that I think may like me. Let's say his name is Jim.

We had to play mixed (men and womens') partners as an exercise.

Some of the guys had to pick their partners to begin with.

The main instructor said to him: "which girl do you like then?"

He was like: "ummm..."

So the instructor said: "Well, just choose someone then."

And he chose me.

We did it together a few times and had fun.

Sometimes, he would see me sitting on the opposite sidelines of the court in the breaks when all the other girls were together and not talking to me, and he'd come and sit next to me once or twice, and try and make jokes about the people who were playing.

Someone would make a mistake, and he'd tilt his head towards me and shake it smiling.

He'd also come up to me at the end to always say goodbye.

Maybe he was just being friendly.. but occasionally he'd even come and tap me on the back and ask if I'd remembered my moves which seemed almost like flirting.

I didn't have feelings for him when we first met.

But since we began playing together I've seen that he's attractive and a genuinely nice guy.

He's studying business as am I, and we both have the same favorite band.

Although I enjoy volleyball, the girls who are in the club have been so pathetic and bitchy towards me. They purposely ignore

me and try to exclude me from the group (including turning their chairs against me during breaks).

I would have quit a long while ago except I really like him.

But they are making it too hard for me.

I'm really bad at making moves on guys.. which is why I'm still single even though people are shocked when I tell them I'm single, because many say I'm very attractive.

I really want to make a move on this guy before I quit this volleyball club.

How should I do it?

How can I ask the guy out, or take it to the next level in a non-obvious way?
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Extra info:

He often asks me a lot of questions about myself, but we've never had a chance to actually sit and talk the two of us, which is what I want.

I just need some lead of an excuse as to ask him for his number... volleyball would be even more awkward if I asked him out on a date and he said he had a girlfriend or whatever.

So I can't ask him out directly... I just want something I can say to get him on his own/ get his number.

How can I get this guy?
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