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Opinions about hooking up?

So I was at a friends party a couple days ago, and this guy that I'm kinda friends with showed up. We don't talk too much, but when we do, we are flirty towards the other. We talked the whole time and were constantly at each others' sides. We started to drink and at the point where we were buzzed, we started playfully argueing over something and we started kissing. We progressively started making out, for 4 hours. He kissed my lips, my cheek, and neck and we would stop and hold each other for a while and cuddle, and then call each other cute. He said he didn't want to leave by the time he had to because his ride was there. My question is, was this more than a hook up? He is generally a really nice guy, the kinda guy I didn't expect drank at all, he's not a player, my friends all think he's a great guy and that we should date. But we were drunk, and even if we were, I always had a bit of a crush on him, and now cannot stop thinking about him. What should I do? /:
Opinions about hooking up?
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