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Does this guy respect me?

My friend and I went to her guy friends house (they have slept together) and we were baking a cake. They play fought for awhile, then she had to leave. We talked a little, then he came over and grabbed me and lept trying to kiss me. I wouldn't let it happen-especially since he seems like a big flirt and player. So I just kept pushing him away saying no, and he said why, soi told him because I said so haha. He eventually just gave up and just held me from behind and we talked for awhile. Then I said I needed to leave and he walked me out to my car when it was snowing and it was a block away. He also blocked me from the snow when he wasn't wearing a jacket. He hugged me then I left. When we go over there usually he stands at his door and says bye, he has never walked us to our cars, bu he did for me.,

Does he seem interested? And does he seem to respect me? I'm very stubborn and don't give in easy. Thank you!
Does this guy respect me?
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