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He likes me, he likes me not?

I was at my friend's birthday party with about 6 other people. One of her guys friends was there, that I has only talked to a handful of times. We were watching a scary movie (which I hate because I get scared easily) and I was sitting beside one of the other girls on the couch, Well I was screaming at every single part of the movie, and she said that she was getting a headache, so she got up and went to the kitchen for a little bit. When she left, the guy friend came over and sat beside me and put his arm around me. Once she came back, he got up and sat on the floor on the end of the couch I was on. Well I was turned toward my friend saying something and when I turned back around he was in my face and was trying to scare me. Later he reached under the couch and grabbed my leg. We ended up going to a cemetary later on that night. When we got there he was telling me not to be scared and went running through the cemetary. After leaving the cemetary he was driving his car really fast and racing the birthday girl's boyfriend in his car because he said his car was so much better.

He is on the archery team with me at school and when we are sitting down talking, even if there is a spot open beside one of his friends, he always sits beside me. He is sweet to me, even when he is joking around with his friends. The only doubt in my mind is that one night he was talking about how he had gas and his bodily functions around me. Boys don't usually do that around girls that they like do they? And he is a joking kind of person, so I don't know if I am taking his jokes as flirting.

I'm just asking for opinions, so anything would help.
He likes me, he likes me not?
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