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Am I this bad at reading women? Or is she trying to mess with me?

My girlfriend broke up with me two months ago saying that she had so much going on right now that she couldn't handle a relationship on her plate too, and that she cared about me way to much to let me be with someone who was not fully invested. I was extremely heartbroken over it. I loved her and I told her so.

Over the next month and a half we MAYBE talked once a week and it was usually short convo about how we miss each other. She'd say things like "I wish I was in a different place right now in life cause I want to be with you." This didn't help matters for me. For the longest time if we saw each other on campus (we are in college) we wouldn't even speak, just walk by each other.

Then one night we kinda had a break through. She messaged me on Facebook and we talked for about 4 hours. We talked till nearly 3 am about school, family, life, us, etc... She eventually ended up asking me to be her date to our schools homecoming game in a couple weeks. She wanted to make sure I was OK with that. I said I was (didnt say it to her but I'd be lying if I said I don't have some hope that this "date" brings us back together).

Ever since that night we've been talking everyday. Not all day everyday like when we were together but at least for a few min everyday. The problem is that, whenever I see her in person, it's very awkward. And if she's with friends she'll say the bare minimum to me and even go as far as to avoid talking to me all together. But then 10 min after she sees me she'll text me or something.

Can I get some help on to what is actually going on here? I know this is pretty long just thought I should give some background info. I'd appreciate
Am I this bad at reading women? Or is she trying to mess with me?
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